After months of fastidious work we're proud to announce the coming release of Laurence Sterne's "The Life & Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentlemen". Without a doubt one of the most excentric examples of Western comic literature, this 18th Century fictitious autobiography is full of bawdy humor and whimsical assides. So distracted by detail and happenstance is the narrator, that he is not even born until the third volume.

The work is famous for its self-conscious jokes about the form of the book itself: its marbled and blackend pages represent the pinnacle of Sterne's literary gags, which include changes of typeface, chains of self-censoring stars ( * * * * * ) and even whole chapters which remain unwritten.

If ever there was a book waiting for its inherent aestheitc merits to be turned inside-out, then it is this.

On sale from April 13th.