Fri 17.05 '13

Cafe Exhibition

As from today we’re exhibiting a selection of our posters at Hudson’s Cakes in Kreuzberg

In total we'll be showing nine titles in rotation until the 23rd June. The exhibited titles will also be on sale from next week.

Stop by for a great coffee, awesome cake, or a full English breakfast.

Wed 27.03 '13

Tristram Shandy, Gentleman!

After months of fastidious work we're proud to announce the coming release of Laurence Sterne's "The Life & Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentlemen". Without a doubt one of the most excentric examples of Western comic literature, this 18th Century fictitious autobiography is full of bawdy humor and whimsical assides. So distracted by detail and happenstance is the narrator, that he is not even born until the third volume.

The work is famous for its self-conscious jokes about the form of the book itself: its marbled and blackend pages represent the pinnacle of Sterne's literary gags, which include changes of typeface, chains of self-censoring stars ( * * * * * ) and even whole chapters which remain unwritten.

If ever there was a book waiting for its inherent aestheitc merits to be turned inside-out, then it is this.

On sale from April 13th.

Fri 18.01 '13

Taking it back to the 18th C.

Watch this space for a fantastic new product release early this spring. We're taking it back to the middle of the 18th Century for a surprising, audacious, even infuriating work which has lost none of its radicality or wit in two and a half centuries.

Sat 08.12 '12

Christmas Orders

We can ship our posters to destinations in Germany within three business days. Make sure to place your Christmas orders by Wednesday 19th December, 10am.

Orders placed after this time cannot be guaranteed to arrive by Christmas day.

For European and international delivery times, please refer to our Ordering and Shipping page.

Fri 07.12 '12

Offer ends tonight!

Ding-dong! Our pre-Christmas discount ends tonight at midnight, central european time!

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