Fri 13.04 '12


We're now preparing the final layout file for printing next week. Ulysses has about 272,000 words, and our computers have been put through their paces during the typesetting process, occasionally grinding to halt. Our patience was thoroughly tested too: tiny typographic changes in the document resulted in minute-long pauses whilst the computer re-rendered the display. Type size: 2.47pt.

For Joyce we've opted for coppery-green paragraph marks: a hommage to the church roofs of Dublin. The poster will go on sale on 16th June, for Bloomsday. Check out our Facebook page soon for a chance to win an advance copy.

Fri 27.01 '12


Our 10x magnifying glasses are now back in stock!

Mon 05.12 '11

December Releases

Announcing four new titles for December! •• Old Bill makes a return to our selection with his hit romantic tragedy Romeo and Juliet: make sure to bring a magnifying glass and a box of tissues! •• We’re proud to present the much requested Don Quijote from Cervantes in the original Spanish. •• Damning social critique comes in the form of Stendhal’s great Le Rouge et le Noir: our first French language work. •• And the year closes with the sensual advice of Vātsyāyana’s Kama Sutra.

Tue 22.11 '11

Winter-Rabatt! — Winter Discounts!

Dieses Jahr gibt’s wieder einen super Winter-Rabatt!*

• Kostenloser Versand innerhalb Deutschlands:
nur Montag, 28. November
• Vom 29. November bis 5. Dezember dann 50% Rabatt
auf die Versandkosten innerhalb Deutschlands
• Eine Woche lang nur 50% der Versandkosten für Lieferungen
ins Ausland – von Montag, 28.11. bis Montag, 5.12.

*gilt nur für Standardversand


Announcing our Super Winter Discounts 2011

It’s time to start thinking about that special someone in your life
whose bookshelf is full! Make use of our special offers next week
and secure discounts on shipping prices.

• Monday 28th November: free shipping to addresses in Germany.
• Monday 28th November — Monday 5th December: 50% discount
on international shipping. (This applies also to shipping adresses
within Germany from Tuesday 29th November.)

Offer does not apply to express shipping rates.

Wed 02.11 '11

November Releases

This week is release week! From Tuesday till Friday we will be releasing a new poster each day. Heinrich von Kleist’s collected Short Stories went online yesterday, and from today Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is available.
Coming up this week are 202 Fairy Tales recounted by the Brothers Grimm, naturally in their native German. And the week closes with Tolstoy’s mammoth War and Peace, which marks our first foray into non-Latin alphabets.
And as if that wasn’t enough, in December we'll be rolling out another four posters, just in time for Christmas. Ahoy!

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