Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-tung

Mao Tse-tung


Sooner or later, anyone interested in China will come across this infamous book. It stands out, not for its literary merits, but because the odds are stacked in its favour: over 1 billion copies were printed.
    The collection of quotes by the “Great Chairman” Mao Tse-tung no longer enjoys such a vast readership, nor will you see anyone whip it from their pocket in a perfectly choreographed flourish, as custom once demanded. Instead, the “Little Red Book” has become just another artefact in a cosmos of consumer gimmicks depicting an unblemished portrait of the barbarous Mao: key-rings, fridge magnets, bobblehead dolls …
   The dictator as King of Kitsch: this poster considers it all. At the very least an homage to the exceptional beauty of Chinese type: just this once, in red.

→ Two-colour offset (revolution red / black)
→ Glyph count: 87,008
→ Typeset in 4.1pt Heiti and Malaga
→ Printed on 150g Munken Pure Rough

Price not including packaging and shipping

70 × 100 cm / Chinese

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