Tue 25.10 '11

Page in the Parkhaus

As from the coming weekend, a selection of  “All The World’s A Page” posters will be available in the very beautiful Parkhaus store in Berlin. The store features a distinctive range of hand-picked items for the household, as well as a large range of custom designed accessories. We thoroughly recommend a visit.

Parkhaus Showroom
Schroederstrasse 13
10115 Berlin

Opening times:
Tue—Fri: 12am—7pm
Sat: 12am—4pm

Tue 02.08 '11

Exhibition in The Netherlands

Contemporary art, design and media gallery Misc. Art in Dordrecht, The Netherlands will be showing our posters for two months from Saturday 6th August. The joint show will also feature the ‘ABC Chairs’ of crossover artist Roeland Otten.

Drop by if your in town!

With kind thanks to gallery owner Gemma Plum.

Mon 06.06 '11

A Natural Selection

On sale now is Charles Darwin’s Origin of the Species, in the 6th London edition. We’ve accorded this landmark scientific work all the respect it deserves by retypesetting its 198,941 words in 779 lines of 2.8pt text.

We even went as far as redrawing Darwin’s only diagram showing the divergence of species, no larger than a postage stamp. Shown to the right is a microscopic table displaying the comparative thicknesses of three sedimentry layers to be found in Great Britain. Whilst both features are visible on the poster from across the room, they reveal their secrets only up close with a magnifying glass.

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Mon 30.05 '11

Old School Marketing

We spent a day running a market stall at the annual Kollwitzplatz literature festival yesterday, and had a jolly good time! Thanks to everyone who dropped by and bought a poster.

We're continually amused by people’s reactions to our posters. We’ve become quite accustomed to near hysterical laughter, puzzled irritation and raging disbelief, sometimes all at once.

Tue 12.04 '11

Best of Germany

We’re pleased to announce that our four German language posters are now on sale at Best of Germany.

Best of Germany is a souvenir shop of sorts, but for people with impeccable taste. They offer a range of traditional and modern objects manufactured or crafted in the BRD. From black forest cuckoo clocks to electric motorbikes, from Frisian raincoats to Berlin dry gin. And of course, world-class literature printed on posters.

Best of Germany
Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse 26
10178 Berlin

Opening hours
Mo – Fr: 12am – 8pm
Sa: 12am –7pm


Photo: Malte Goy, maltegoy.de

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